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Architect : Mithun Architects :: Decatur Island  ::  Date Finished: 2008

This project is located on remote Decatur Island. It includes the complete remodel of an 80 year old farmhouse and the addition of a bedroom cabin and a garage. Set in a beautiful garden with a dramatic view of the water, the original structure was build “island style”; without framing, insulation or standard foundation. With patient determination and attention to authentic detail, the crew and architect are restoring a charming piece of the island’s past. The separate bedroom addition, designed by Mithun Architects, was originally designed for the owners’ resort in Napa and is a contemporary structure that compliments the older house. If you wish to learn more about this turn of the century farmhouse it is featured in The Northwest published by Bantam press.

Press and Featured Articles:

American Design: The Northwest
By Linda Humphrey and Fred Albert, Bantam Press  ::