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SJC Home Trust 501(3)(c)


Ravenhill Construction has provided volunteer Construction Management services in the past for the successfully completed Salal neighborhood.  The current Sunrise development is underway and we are excited to be part of the planning stages and now construction. Wellman and Zuck has been the General Contractor for both project’s and instrumental in the success of the Home trust. The Construction team is striving to achieve accreditation through NAHB’s National Green Building Program.

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The Home trust is currently seeking donations to help complete Sunrise development’s 1st phase and contact information is available through the Home trust website.

The Home Trust Mission:

San Juan Community Home Trust creates permanently affordable housing for low- and moderate-income island residents, promotes economic diversity and development, and supports a sustainable island community while practicing responsible stewardship of our rural environment.

The Home Trust is a community land trust, a type of organization that removes the cost of land from the cost of the home. Our homeowners partner with us as stewards of affordability. The Home Trust is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.